about us

In 2015  international cinematographer Thomas Kürzl   opened up BABELFISH – the 1st austrian serviceproduction.

Come to Austria and find….

– Beautiful landscapes
– Mountains with 8 months of snow
– Scenic and dramatic highways
– Picturesque castles from the 9th to the 19th century
– Atmospheric European streets and squares
– Parks and lakes both big and small

The River Danube and the capital Vienna with its huge cultural heritage, a great mix of modern architecture and perfectly renovated buildings from the time of the Emperor offers everything you would expect from a modern city (the 2nd biggest German speaking City with nearly 2million inhabitants)

With the newly renovated former A1 ring, now the “Red Bull” ring, we have a state of the art Formula 1 circuit and 2 more private racetracks that open opportunities to shoot all kind of vehicles even with top secret models.

As well as all those beautiful locations Babelfish can offer full scale production services including:

– Casting
– Art Department
– Stunt teams,